A Computer Program to Improve the Quality of Online Search in Japan

A computer program has been developed that will make it easier for people to find content that’s relevant to their interests.

The aim is to increase the quality of searches for a particular type of online content, like news or news sites, which are often considered to be “mainstream”.

A researcher, who goes by the name Avanti, has developed a computer program to help search for the articles that people are looking for on the web.

Avanti uses a database of keywords that search engines use to determine whether they should index the site.

When a keyword is listed, Avanti looks at the number of times that the word appears in the search results.

This helps to determine which keywords should be included.

The researchers have already tested it with over 4,000 keywords and found that the algorithm was working quite well.

Avanti says it will eventually be able to search for all the articles listed in the database of more than 1,000,000 words.

It’s hoped that by having a computer system that can identify the keywords most relevant to the users needs, the system can make it much easier to find the articles relevant to people’s interests.

Avantia’s project is being supported by the UK’s Technology Strategy Board.

Avantia says that it aims to create a “software solution that allows individuals to better understand the quality and relevance of the content they are looking at online”.