AUGUSTA: Juventus confirm they have signed striker Davide Gattuso from Milan

It was reported earlier this week that Juventus had signed Gattusa from Milan for a fee of around €35 million.

The player is said to be available for transfer after his release from his current contract.

Gattuseso is one of a number of players who have been linked with Juve, including midfielder Gonzalo Higuain and goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon.

In a recent interview with ESPN FC, Gattuskas coach Massimiliano Allegri confirmed that he was aware of the deal and would have been prepared to sell his striker to Juventus if it came to that.

“I am aware of it.

I would have sold him to Juventus because I believe Juventus are the best team in the world.

They have the best squad.

But I think we can get him,” Allegri said.

“We will see if he will want to leave.

I don’t think so.”

Gattussi, 27, joined Milan in 2014 and has made over 100 appearances in Serie A. He scored 18 goals in 114 games, and has won five Serie A titles.

Gatto, who signed for Juventus from Palermo in the summer of 2015, has also been linked to the Bianconeri.