Edgewater Computer Systems, Inc., to sell $3 billion to Bain & Company

EDGARESON, N.J. — Edgewater computer Systems, an electronics company, is going public, its chairman said Wednesday.

The New Jersey-based company, which sells computer systems and services to businesses, is in talks to acquire Bain & Co., a technology and security company founded by billionaire investor Bill Bain in the early 1990s, said Bob Edgewater, the company’s chief executive officer.

Edgewater’s purchase is expected to close in the second half of this year.

The deal would give Edgewater greater access to Bain Capital and its investments, which include the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500 index and the Nasdaq stock market, Edgewater said in a statement.

Bain &amp) has made several investments in the company over the years, Edgarsons chief executive said.

The company recently purchased a majority stake in its software business, Edgersons Chief Executive Officer said in the statement.

It also bought a minority stake in a hardware company, Edgarnes Chief Financial Officer said.

In the past two years, Bain &amps investments in Edgewater have grown, according to company documents.

Bain &amping’s investment in the firm last year totaled $7.1 billion.

Last week, the Boston Globe reported that Edgewater was considering selling off its electronics business, including the software and hardware businesses, in the past few years.

On Tuesday, Bain released a list of investments it has made in the semiconductor industry, including chip makers, microchip makers, and chip suppliers.

The list, which includes investments in chipmaker Altera Corp., showed that Bain has made a $3.6 billion commitment to fund its efforts to build an advanced microchip processor.

The company said in its filing that the acquisitions will be made by Bain and its affiliated companies.

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