How Intel computers are more powerful than Amazon computers

The most powerful computer system on the planet is not Amazon’s computer, but Intel.

That’s the new data from data firm IHS Technology, which has a new report that estimates that the latest Intel chip is a 1.8x more powerful computer than its predecessor.

The report also shows that Intel’s next generation Core i5 processor is twice as powerful as the one it replaced.

IHS’ report comes as Intel and Amazon are at odds over Amazon’s use of Intel CPUs for the Kindle Fire tablet and a competing Amazon Fire tablet, which uses Intel CPUs.

Amazon said last week that it would no longer use Intel processors in its Kindle Fire tablets.

Amazon also is fighting a court case in California over a claim that the Amazon Fire tablets use Intel chips, which IHS said is “inconsistent with the facts and the law.”

The latest IHS report said that the Intel Core i7 processor in the next-generation Core i8 chip is “more powerful” than its Intel predecessor.

It said that in a typical computer system with 16 gigabytes of RAM, Intel’s chip is about 1.7x faster than Amazon’s chip.

Intel also is making its processors available to manufacturers for free.

But the new report from IHS says the new Core i6 processor is more powerful, and that the new processor is a half-a-billion times more powerful.

Amazon’s Core i9 processor is also twice as fast as Intel’s i7 chip.

IH says Intel has “a long way to go” before it can match Amazon’s power, but it notes that Intel is “moving quickly to meet the demand for its high-performance computing and embedded processors.”