How Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella could bring the world of computer systems to life

Microsoft CEO sat down for an interview with Bloomberg and talked about how his company could create a universal computer system that could help people in the developing world, but also help companies compete in the global economy.

The interview was part of Bloomberg’s “The Tech: The Power of Ideas” series, which examines the emerging trend of technology companies becoming more like businesses.

The interview, which was conducted in the company’s Seattle office, follows Microsoft’s recent launch of a new cloud-based service called Azure, which is aimed at helping businesses and startups get off the ground.

The company said it is building on Azure, and that the service will provide “a rich set of capabilities” to customers.

Bloomberg’s Andrew Ross Sorkin spoke with Nadell about Microsoft’s approach to cloud computing and the future of the cloud, and also discussed the future direction of the company.

In the interview, Nadeell said he is optimistic about the future prospects of the Microsoft cloud, which he described as “the foundation of our business.”

He said the company is focused on building a universal cloud platform, but that he doesn’t see that happening anytime soon.

Nadell also said he sees the cloud as a “game changer” and said it will make Microsoft a leader in the world’s digital economy.

Nadesll, who has previously said he believes in the future role of the Internet of Things, said the Internet has been the foundation for the development of the digital economy, and the Internet was also the foundation of Microsoft’s cloud-computing efforts.

He said Microsoft has built “an amazing platform” that will “provide a rich set” of capabilities for businesses and entrepreneurs.

He also said that Microsoft will be “one of the most significant players” in the cloud.

Nadell said that the Internet, which began as a platform for sharing information between people in remote parts of the world, has become a platform that has helped create an economy that has enabled billions of people to live free of poverty and hunger.

He said Microsoft is working to build a “new global economy” that is powered by the Internet.

Microsoft’s chief executive has said that he believes the Internet is one of the “great technologies of our time.”

He also has spoken out against the growing use of artificial intelligence in all aspects of our lives, and has said Microsoft will “continue to be the most powerful AI company in the industry.”

The Bloomberg interview comes as the company has been trying to make progress in the area of cloud computing.

Last month, the company launched the Microsoft Cloud to accelerate the deployment of its cloud-related products and services, which will include new products like Azure.

In February, Microsoft also announced the creation of a group that will work on building software that could use the Internet to build “a new universal digital economy.”

The company’s chief operating officer, Satya K. Nadezas, also has said the cloud is one part of Microsofts plan to be a “world leader in AI and machine learning.”

In February 2016, Nadesll said Microsoft plans to focus on building new cloud services in the near future, and said Microsoft’s future in cloud computing will be driven by its cloud services.