How to Get a Better Job with SAP

Edgewater, the world’s biggest data company, is launching a new product aimed at helping employers find candidates for new hires.

Edgewater Data will be able to help companies find and hire qualified candidates by mapping the company’s workforce, as well as providing the data that employers need to determine which candidates to keep and which to let go.

Edgelights new tool will provide a range of tools and services, including the ability to access and share the data, and to connect with other Edgelists across the company, including recruiters, managers, and senior executives.

The new Edgelist product is available to users on both desktop and mobile devices, and will also be available to enterprise customers, Edgelight CEO Eric Manton told Business Insider.

Edgeris new product will be built into Edgewater’s existing SAP software, so employees and organizations can connect with the company through the cloud, he said.

Edgers current SAP product can help employers connect with recruiters and managers, but Manton said the new product offers more advanced capabilities that are “going to be extremely useful” for companies of all sizes.

For example, users will be offered “a way to build a database of all the job openings,” he said, and Edgers new product allows them to view job openings from across the enterprise.

Manton also said that Edgeliders new product “will enable Edgers teams to better identify the talent that’s available across the organisation.”

He said that a key focus for Edgerists new product is to help businesses “better identify talent and talent markets in their organisation.”

It’s also important to note that Edgerings new product isn’t going to be as powerful as its predecessors, but will still offer the same broad benefits.

Mantle said that the new Edgerist tool will be available on a trial basis to customers beginning next year, and that “as more customers sign up for the Edgerises new product, we’ll be rolling it out to everyone on the market.”

Edgelis new Edgis platform will also help companies identify and connect with existing employees, as the company is “still working out the kinks,” Manton added.

This means that the product will likely not be ready for general use anytime soon, Manton noted.

“We’ve got some stuff in the pipeline to make the product even better,” he added.

The product’s launch comes on the heels of a major acquisition by the Seattle-based SAP, which includes a new office in Seattle and a global research and development center in Singapore.

Earlier this year, SAP bought Edgelabs, which has over 15 years of experience in data analysis and data management, to help improve its data analysis capabilities.

For its part, Edgers chief executive Eric Mantle has been vocal about his company’s plans to open up more data about its workforce.

Earlier in January, he told The Next Blog that Edgers data platform is “going be a big thing” for businesses.

Minton’s comment to Business Insider, meanwhile, indicates that he is confident that the Edgelots new product can play a big role in the future of data analysis in the workplace.