How to tell the difference between the air and space systems

Air and space are different systems.

What you need to know about them.

Air is an air transport system; space is a space transport system.

Air transport systems have a number of systems which are designed to transport goods and people between two locations.

They can carry cargo and people around in pods, or can carry passengers and goods around in smaller pods.

In both cases, the pod is used to transport the cargo and passengers between locations.

The pods are controlled by computers, which communicate using radio waves.

Space transport systems are controlled via the same systems.

The systems operate by transmitting information about the distance to and the time to arrive at a destination to a control centre, and the pods are tracked in a computer map of space.

In the case of the air transport systems, the control centre is located in the air.

The pod is located on the ground.

Air travel is often described as “airborne” or “ground-based”, although the actual technology is still in the early stages of development.

Airplanes are currently the only types of transport system that have the ability to take people from one location to another.

It is this capability that makes them so popular.

They allow passengers to travel between airports and places of interest in one direction.

The system of air travel allows passengers to use their smartphones and tablets to connect to the air traffic control system, which communicates with the air transportation system.

When a passenger arrives at an airport, the airship can communicate with the airport air traffic controller.

This can be done by tapping on the app or by using an on-board computer.

The computer then communicates with a control tower, which can then send an airship up to the destination.

Airships are often used by airlines, hotels and other organisations that can transport people, goods and passengers to places.

They are also used by governments to transport people and goods between cities.

Air transportation is one of the fastest growing industries in Australia.

It employs about 11,000 people in Australia and is estimated to employ around 3,000 in Australia alone.

Airport control systems are designed specifically to handle the needs of air travellers, such as the needs for a safe, clean, comfortable and efficient experience.

In 2016, the government released its Strategic Air Transport Plan, which called for a greater focus on the future of air transport.

It included measures to improve air quality and improve the quality of air travelling by introducing more frequent flight rules and increased funding for air quality projects.

The Government is working to achieve this through its Strategic Airlift Plan, and is committed to reducing air travel to levels that are safe, efficient and affordable.

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