How to Use an iPhone to Capture a Face, Face ID, and Other Photos

A new iPhone 5s camera is now on sale for $999, and you can now use it to capture the faces of others in your life.

Apple says the new camera, which will be available in September, is the “first full-featured iPhone 5S camera capable of capturing the faces and face expressions of a person’s entire body, from nose to jaw.”

Apple says it can also capture an individual’s entire face, face and mouth without requiring the iPhone to be in the same room with the subject.

The feature is only available for iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, and 5s Plus.

While this feature is useful for capturing photos of friends and family, it doesn’t allow you to easily identify faces of people you know.

Apple has released a guide for iPhone users to learn how to use the iPhone camera in real life.

The guide, titled How to Capture Face, Faces, and Mouth of a Person in Your Life, gives users step-by-step instructions on how to get the best results from the iPhone’s Face ID feature.

Apple also says the feature is capable of getting a person to smile or frown.

However, there’s a catch: You’ll have to ask them to do something in order for it to work.

Apple doesn’t say when or where the new Face ID features will be made available, but if you’re willing to wait for it, you can use it today.