New York City computer systems are in for a new twist: virtual reality

New York, New York (CNN) — New York city’s largest computer systems operator, OMSCS, is expanding the virtual reality use of its systems.OMSCS has been testing virtual reality technology for over a decade, and it will now use a new system called the OMSC 360 VR headset for its own virtual reality experiences.

Omscs 360 VR headsets allow users to look around the virtual world, interact with objects in real time, and view real-time maps of locations, which are displayed in a virtual environment.

Omscs’ CEO and CTO, Alex Krikorian, says that its VR systems are capable of more than 100 immersive experiences, including virtual reality video games, interactive activities, and interactive educational activities.

Ommas systems are equipped with a wide array of sensors and cameras to capture real-world and 360-degree imagery, and Omsc’s virtual reality systems can use these sensors to display 3D graphics.

Krikorian says that the technology has been developed using a variety of different software technologies and technologies, including Google Glass, Apple Glass, Google Glass and Oculus.

Omnichannel, the company behind the OmsC 360 technology, says the Ommas 360 VR system will be available in early 2018, with pricing set at $599.

Omacs 360 VR is an OMSCs system that uses Google Glass to create virtual reality.

Omochannel, a subsidiary of Google Glass Inc. is also developing virtual reality devices for use with its Glass app for smartphones and tablets.

Google Glass, the device that the Google Glass team developed for its Glass project, is the world’s first wearable computer, and Google Glass has been a major part of the Omacs system.

Google Glass can display images and videos, but it cannot interact with users, and users must manually enter commands.

Oomas 360 is not the first virtual reality system to launch in New York.

Google VR launched in the city in 2015 and uses a new virtual reality headset called Google Glass.

Oomas has not launched a VR system for its systems yet, but Krikorians hopes the company will soon.