Phoenix computer system development program is on pace to break records, hiring a top executive

By Tom BrownAssociated PressAs the nation’s largest computer systems manufacturer, Phoenix Computer Systems (PCS) plans to add new features to its hospital computer systems this year.

Phoenix plans to use technology to help patients and staff, such as video monitoring, remote control and virtual reality, according to a company blog post.

The hospital will use the technology to increase safety and productivity.

The company will have 10 employees, according the blog post, which was published Wednesday.

The company has also hired a top computer engineer who previously worked at Microsoft, according, to the blog.

The hospital plans to offer more information on the technology in a blog post later this month.

The blog post said the system will include “virtual reality,” video monitoring and remote control.

Phoenix is developing a computerized system that will help doctors, nurses and other employees monitor their patients, according a statement on the blog, which is a joint venture of PCS and Phoenix.

The system will use video, audio and a video game-like interface to manage medical information, the statement said.

The system will also allow for the remote control of cameras, sensors and other equipment that are used to monitor and record patients, the company said.

Phoenix said it is investing $5 million into the project, which it hopes will increase the company’s workforce to 15,000 by the end of the year.PCS has been in the medical equipment business since the mid-1990s.

It has built a hospital-grade hospital computer system that includes software for its hospitals.

The Phoenix system will be used by about 500 hospitals, according PCS, which expects to reach capacity by the fall.