Tech companies, tech groups, tech firms push back on President Trump tweet about Intel

The tech industry and tech firms are pressing back on the president’s recent tweet calling out the tech companies that produce semiconductors used in computers, saying they have done nothing wrong.

On Monday, Trump retweeted a story about Intel that said it was under investigation by the FBI.

The tweet drew criticism from Intel and the tech industry, including Intel’s chairman.

“Intel has not been investigated by the Department of Justice for alleged criminal conduct, and we will continue to vigorously defend our company’s business practices and products,” said a statement from the company.

The companies also issued a statement Tuesday afternoon saying they were not involved in any legal action with the Justice Department.

“Our legal team and legal department does not have a role in determining the merits of any investigations or whether or not a company should be prosecuted for alleged civil rights violations,” Intel said in the statement.

The White House has not immediately responded to a request for comment.

In his tweet, Trump said the news of Intel’s investigation “should have been kept out of the election.”

“It was never about Russia, it was about Intel, and it should have been a non-story,” Trump said.

“But it was.

And the Fake News media and the Clinton Campaign were on top of it.”