The avanti system can make it cheaper to use computers

The system uses a pair of cameras that can identify a person’s face, voice and gestures to determine whether they are a person or a device.

The cameras also provide a unique fingerprint that can be used to identify the device and its owner.

Avanti, which was founded in 2014 by former Microsoft employees, has been able to offer the software for a few years now.

But the system has a new name, Avanti Mobile, which means “Mobile Application” in Japanese.

The company said that it plans to introduce the new system in India later this year.

The new system is still being tested by the company’s team, and the company did not disclose any specific price.

Avanti’s previous offering in India was the Avanti Phone, a smartphone that was released in 2013 and launched in India.

The Avanti company is also developing a smartphone, but it has not yet announced the name of the device.

The Avanti system uses three cameras to capture face data, the company said in a statement.

The system also uses facial recognition technology, which is able to determine the exact face of the user based on the user’s facial features.

It then compares the face data with other facial features to determine if the user is human or not.

The Avantis Phone uses the Avantis system to identify people.

The phone uses facial recognizer technology to match the facial features of the person with those of the face of their owner.

Users can purchase the Avantis system at $149 for three months.

It costs $199 for a six-month subscription and $399 for a year of service.