The power systems of the world

In a new article in Recode, Recode’s digital newsroom, senior editor Kara Swisher and technology reporter Joe Weisenthal look at the systems powering the world.

(1:55)Technology reporter Kara Swishers’ new job: Technology reporter at Recode.

(0:44)Recode’s Kara Swimmers is no stranger to covering tech.

She’s covered tech for The Verge, The Verge Media, and has a wide range of other tech coverage.

Her work has appeared in Wired,, The Wall Street Journal, Recoded, TechCrunch, and Recode News.

Recode has a growing staff of staff writers, reporters, editors, and other tech professionals.

She is a member of Recode Media’s Editorial Board.

You can follow Kara Swishes work at and @karanyswishers on Twitter.

Joe Weisens’ new role: Tech reporter at the Wall Street, Money, and Markets blog.

(5:02)Joe Weisfeld has been covering technology for a decade and is one of the most trusted sources on Wall Street.

He is the co-founder of Money and Markets, the financial news site for CNBC, and a former senior technology reporter at The Verge.

He has written extensively about the financial sector and the economy, and he’s been featured on CNN, The New York Times, Forbes, Mashable, and Bloomberg.

He was the first to cover the bitcoin phenomenon in The Verge and is currently writing about digital currencies for TechCrunch.

He covers technology at

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