‘Weighbridge’ is the most powerful football system in Europe

‘Weighedbridge’ – the new Football Italian football system, a system with a more compact and efficient shape – is the world’s most powerful computer system. 

It can analyse a football pitch and analyze the playing positions, as well as the movements of the players. 

“Weighbridges’ capabilities, combined with its compact dimensions and its advanced computer-based software, make it ideal for the football field,” explains coach Antonio Carrasco, who is the Technical Director of the Italian national team. 

The system was designed to analyze a pitch and analyse the playing lines of the game, with the goal being to produce the best possible football analysis. 

But, for the technical experts at the Technical Directors’ Association of Italy (CICI), the system has a new purpose.

“The system has the ability to analyse the game in a much more efficient and detailed way,” says Alessandro Caccici, the head of the ITAR-TASS technical department.

“We weighbridge is able to analyze the whole pitch, to analyse players’ positions, to assess the intensity of the opponent’s attacks and to analyse individual tactical elements.”

This means it can help to determine the optimum moment for each play, the optimal moment for the opponent to attack, the optimum moments for the defenders to react and the optimal moments for our players to react.

“The system also provides the technical director with a wealth of information about the pitch.”

Its software provides detailed information about how the pitch is covered, its width and height, the depth of the field, the width of the space and the length of the pitch,” says Carlo Carrazzo, the director of the Technical Direction of the CICI. 

All this data is combined with the information from the coaches’ notes and analysis results.”

Our goal is to give the coach an in-depth, complete and accurate analysis of the performance of the team,” explains Alessandro Carrazza, the Technical director of CICi. 

When you’re on the pitch, the technical staff of the technical directors have the ability to analyze and analyse. 

They have a very precise and professional way of analyzing the game. 

There is a very clear line between analysing and analysing, in which they can analyse and analyse for example, the quality of the ball in the air, the movement of the defenders, the speed of the attacking players, the tactical situation. 

If you’re looking at a ball, they are able to analyse that ball, and also analyse the distance, the position of the opponents players, and of course the position and quality of our players.”

They are able to analyse and analyze a ball for the entire game,” says Andrea Giusti, the coach of the CICi technical team.”

But at the end, they analyse the ball only in the end. 

That’s the way of the analysis: the analysis of the ball, in a certain moment. 

And the ball, when it is analysed, can give the coaching staff a much more precise analysis of how to play. 

This is what we do with the technical team.” 

In addition to analysing the ball itself, the system is also able to measure the amount of space in which the ball is played and the quality, distance and velocity of the play.”

At the same time, we are also able  to analyse and predict the player’s intentions. “

We can analyse the movements, the positions of the player, the players’ intentions, the tempo of the passing, and the movement and quality that is the result of the pass.”

At the same time, we are also able  to analyse and predict the player’s intentions. 

We are able, for example to analyse whether a player is going to pass or not, whether the player will pass in the area of his own goal, and whether he will go wide or narrow. 

 This analysis is very precise, and we can say that this player will play at his best position.” 

The technical staff also have the possibility of analysing tactical elements of the playing field.”

In the game of football, we know that if we lose a goal, it is because of a bad pass, but we also know that a player can do anything,” explains Andrea Giurgiu, the Coach of the TechTeam. 

In this case, the Tech team can analyse what was going on in the game and predict where the player would go. 

For example, if the ball was played into the goal, they can predict where this player would be, and when the player should have taken his turn. 

Of course, they also can analyse how the player was defending his goal, how he was attacking and how he defended. 

From this, they know how to counterattack.