What is a computer system?

A computer system is a type of electronic device or network that enables computers to work together to perform specific tasks.

Computer systems can be either digital or analog devices, depending on the hardware they’re connected to.

Analog computers have a mechanical connection, while digital computers use digital signals.

Computer networks have physical connections, and these connections are typically analog, although digital networks can also be digital.

Analog computers, analog networks, and digital networks all use the same basic technology, but the underlying technology can be different for each type of computer.

Analog systems are generally connected to each other via optical fiber, while analog networks are connected to other analog computers via optical cables.

Digital networks are usually connected to physical network cables, and analog networks usually use analog optical cables instead of optical fiber.

An analog network can use analog signals, while an analog network usually uses digital signals, although analog networks can use digital optical cables as well.

Analog and digital connections are the most common types of computer networks.

Analog networks are generally wired to physical computers, while other analog networks use digital networks.

Digital network connections can be wired directly to physical networks, or they can be connected to digital networks via optical fibers.

An Analog Network Analog networks often use analog analog optical fiber to communicate with each other.

Analog optical fibers are typically used for analog and digital network connections.

Analog network cables are typically not used in computers because they have a lot of noise.

An analogue network can be used to send digital signals over an analog cable.

Analog cable networks typically use analog signal lines.

Digital cable networks generally use digital signal lines and cables.

Analog Optical Fiber Analog optical fiber cables can be coaxial or non-coaxial.

Non-coachial cable networks use a coaxial cable to connect two optical fibers to each end of a cable.

Coaxial networks typically connect two wires to each optical fiber; coaxial networks use two coaxial cables to connect a single optical fiber with a second cable.

Noncoaxal optical fibers generally have an optical cable, whereas coaxial optical fibers usually have a coax connection.

CoAX cable networks are typically the most commonly used type of optical cable.

An example of a non-optical fiber network is a fiber optic cable, which is essentially an optical fiber wrapped around a coax cable.