What the law says about computer security in Israel

Israel is considering new rules on computer security to keep its public computers secure, the government said on Thursday.

The law on computer access is due to be implemented in June, when the new parliament will be inaugurated.

The new rules will not include new regulations for online banking and will be aimed at reducing the risk of cyber attacks, said the ministry of defense.

They will also require that security systems be updated as soon as possible, the ministry said.

The Israeli computer industry is in the midst of a computer meltdown, as some people are unable to get online and businesses and public services are forced to shut down.

Some businesses and government agencies have announced that computers would be shut down if their systems cannot be fixed in time.

Security experts have warned that the computer security laws could become a dangerous tool in the hands of hackers and that the law will allow Israel to be the victim of cyberattacks.

The Internet has become an integral part of life in Israel, where it is used to access the internet, read news and access social media.