What to do if your CSI device crashes after you change settings

Posted by TechRadar staff TechRadr has received the following email from a user who claims to have been affected by the CSI bug: Hello, I recently upgraded to a new system, the new device has been running CSI 3.6.2 on it, it is running at 4.0.2.

The new settings in CSI do not seem to be working properly and my machine is not responding to any of my commands.

It is showing “no data” when I attempt to set the volume, it shows “no volume” when it tries to open the application (CSI), and when I try to run the app it says “no application running”.

I have no idea what is going on with my computer, and I am getting the error “Could not locate an executable file.”

I have tried several times to restart my computer and it has not worked.

I am also unable to start or shut down the computer.

I know that there are ways to set up CSI, but am having no luck.

I would appreciate any help you can give.

Regards, Mark The bug appears to have occurred on a number of different computers, including the Lenovo ThinkPad E5 and Lenovo ThinkPro 5T, according to TechRadars own tests.

In all, we’ve seen multiple crashes in the first week or so of the bug, though the exact number is unknown.

This bug appears particularly prevalent on older hardware, as a number reports of crashes on older systems were also found.

We’re not quite sure how widespread the bug is on older computers, as we’ve only seen crashes on the newer devices.

The most recent crashes were reported to be occurring on the Lenovo IdeaPad X10 Pro, ThinkPad Yoga 13 and Lenovo Yoga 13.

TechRadis test results show the following: Lenovo Ideapad X10Pro (model: E5-1322) (64 bit) Lenovo IdeaPro 5X5 (model the same as the Lenovo X10) (32 bit) Note: We’re aware of several reported crashes that are reported to affect older Lenovo ThinkPads, including one reported on the ThinkPad X5 Pro, but we have not been able to replicate the crashes.

Lenovo ThinkServer 5100 (model-738) (model 738X) (8 core) Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 13 (model 5-6010) (16 core) Dell XPS 15 (model 1350x) (12 core) HP Chromebook 13 (models 10, 11) Lenovo X20 (model 910) Dell Latitude E50 (model 4010) Dell R710v2 (model 5000) Lenovo Ideapad E520 (model 6000) Lenovo K1 (model 6056) Lenovo N1 (Model-845) Dell Inspiron 15 (models 755, 755i) Lenovo T300s (model 3100) Lenovo ProBook 5400s (models 6060, 7300) Dell Energi E50-12 (model 5250) Dell T50s (Model 835, 840) Lenovo P25 (model 3000) Dell G50 (Model E890) Lenovo M2 (Model 710) Lenovo W300s Dell Venue 9 (model 8030) Lenovo Z1 (models 5900) Lenovo E1s ( model 5120) Lenovo L2 ( model 710x) Lenovo U2 ( Model 5350) Lenovo B50 ( Model E6100) Dell C500s ( Models 5430, 5440, 5500) Dell P10 ( Model 830) HP X300s and Lenovo P3s ( Model 9100) Acer Aspire P6 Series (model 6350) Acer E1 ( Model 5750) Asus P5 ( model 5330) Acer S90s ( models 5620, 5750, 5770) Lenovo Y520 ( Model 7000) Lenovo S20 ( Model 5810) HP EliteBook (Model M6500) HP E7 (model 6050) Samsung S3 Series (Model 5500p) Lenovo Q40 ( Model 755x) Acer K40s (slim) Dell K60s (Series 4100) Toshiba M10s ( Series 6060) Acer L10s Acer M30s (series 5300) HP Z30s Dell E50p (Series 5000) Acer C60s Acer X40 (series 5500) Dell S30s Lenovo K40 ( Series 8000) Lenovo V10 (series 6750) Apple MacBook Pro (Model 13,5) Dell A300 (series 7000) Asus X10 (Series 8000) Acer V10s Asus X20 Asus X5 Asus X30 Asus E20 Asus E30 Asus P20 Asus P50 Asus X40 Asus V20 Dell C3000 (series 6470) Dell M10 ( Series 6310) Apple iMac Pro (Series 12,1)