Which are the best and worst computers?

AUSTRALIA’S best computer systems are more expensive, with a new survey finding Australians spend more on the most expensive systems compared with people in other developed nations.

But a new report from consumer-oriented think tank AFROPAC says Australia has one of the lowest average monthly spend on the likes of Windows, Apple’s iPad and Google’s Android smartphone operating system, even as they are among the most popular brands.

The report by AFRO-Australian Institute for Public Policy Research (AIPPR) said the average monthly household spend on computers in Australia was $13.65, with the average Australian paying more than $1,300 for a new system.

“Australia is also one of only two OECD countries that have a lower average monthly average price of household computers than in the US,” AFRPAC said in a statement.

“The average monthly cost of a Windows computer is $17.86, with Apple’s iPhone 7 the cheapest at $23.79.”Read Next