Which eclipse computer systems can you use?

In the wake of the September 2018 eclipse, many observers have been asking whether they should have access to eclipse-specific eclipse-related software.

And many of the most popular eclipse-focused apps have made it into the eclipse-monitoring community.

Here are a few of the popular eclipse apps available to use for the next eclipse.

App Name Type Notes Eclipse Calendar Eclipse Calendar is a calendar app that helps you track eclipse dates and times.

Español Calendar Española Calendar is an app that allows you to track eclipse times.

There are also several other eclipse-centric apps available, including the Eclipse Tracker and Eclipse Clock.

Sunrise Eclipse app Sunrise Eclipse is an Eclipse-focused calendar app.

You can view eclipse times, view sunrise times, and read eclipse alerts.

Moonrise Eclipse moonrise eclipse app Moonrise Eclipse is a web-based eclipse-tracking app.

It lets you see eclipse times and time stamps, and even upload photos of your favorite spots to share with the world.

The eclipse timeline Eclipse timeline app provides a way to plan your eclipse viewing.

It also includes a daily eclipse summary and hourly eclipse timeline, which can help you plan your viewing and learn about upcoming eclipses.

Fully Eclipse eclipse app Fully Eclipse Eclipse is Eclipse’s standalone app for Android.

It gives you eclipse information, such as eclipse times for your local area and eclipse times in different parts of the world, along with eclipse locations, eclipse times at sunrise and sunset, and other information.

New Eclipse app New Eclipse is eclipse-themed Android app.

If you want to learn more about the upcoming eclipse, you can check out the app’s eclipse timeline.

Wondering which eclipse apps can be used in Canada?

It turns out the eclipse calendar app and the eclipse tracker are both available in Canada.

This article originally appeared on CBC.ca.